Sky Dots System is providing total IT Solutions for different segments like retail, manufacturing, Education, research and other fields where IT equipment and their related resources are necessary.

About Our Company

We are in the era of Information & Digital Technology. Which has become inevitable for an important for growth , change and success of any individual or organization.

Its widely accepted that every individual or organization has to be proficient in using this technology according to their needs for vision what one has conceived .For this they need to identify their need of the technology according to their financial periphery without degrading their performance or result to achieve their success in individual or business growth.For this they have to define IT strategy suited to their need to implement successfully. Its accepted truth that Information Technology is no longer considered as a support tools or infrastructure for any individuals or an organization but its first and foremost resources most required.



Our Best Services

Retail Show Room:
We are having Largest IT Show Room in Gandhinagar having 800+Squre Feet in size at prime Business Location.
Cyber Security & DATA Storage(Firewall/NAS):
Need of today’s commuting and its smooth operation and retrieval of DATA is more important.
Maintenance &
We understand key area and our strengths is after sales service support for every customer. We provide free pickup and delivery
About The Company

Sky Dots

Here we help to reengineering your business by deploying Effective and efficient way by implementing your IT resources to drives success and growth in the highly competitive business environment

Sky Dots would find the best suitable solutions, keeping in mind with future growth and requirement with no longer obsolete solutions and which can be easily upgradable and scalable with strong backup of after sales support in software and hardware .

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